”Re- Imaging Old School Entertainment”

Win that match in style with timeless entertainment units. Each game is designed with a unique flair, making them the statement piece in any room.

Play it industrial!

Foosball table that is designed and engineered to the finest of detail. Every component has been identified and designed to meet the function and aesthetic of the complete piece. Reclaimed hardwood is used to create a solid structure to build around.

The field of play is set in natural volcanic basalt stone, and the piece stands on distinct cast iron legs.

One table – different occasions

Ping-pong table that doubles as dining table. A multipurpose item that is both interactive and functional. The table features a reclaimed hardwood top from old colonial buildings. The cross net is made from natural leather that is handstiched to perfection by local craftsmen and it is secured by hand-laid cast iron base net clamp. The custom design continues all the way into our bats that are finished with local timber and rugged tooling leather.

”Liven up any space with our industrial inspired range of games.”

Shuffleboard Table
VR48_Foosball Table_006_2
VR49_Chess Set_005